The Finale

This weekend, I wired  all of the dingle-dangles into the sombrero using the telephone wire I had picked up at a neighborhood yard sale.   I  liked the idea of photographing the hubcap in the hat format, so I had my friend Kathy, the owner of the Bija Yoga Studio stop by and model in front […]

Breathing Life into a found object

My hubcap is coming to life!  The images have been added, the holes have been drilled for what my husband  Gill calls “The dingle-dangles” of a Mexican sombrero, and I have started to thread the holes with recycledcolorful telephone wire that I had bought at a nearby yard sale.  I also started gathering bottle caps […]

Painting Images on a Metal Canvas

After I had primed my hubcap from the Landfill Art Project, I began the background painting:  I painted the lettering with a bright red field around the Pontiac logo.  For years I had seen Pontiac logos shown in red with white lettering, so I wanted to carry on the tradition.   The walls supporting the sides […]