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The Creation of “Drake”

Every once in a while, I like to let my readers see How I go about creating one of my Batik/Rozome paintings.  First off, My readers ask “What is Rozome?”  The easiest way I can explain it is that Rozome is a wax and dye resist process similar to Batik, but using Japanese bamboo brushes […]

Take it all off!

I am now in the final stretch of this piece.  I have added a few more colors to paint on, and then it’s time for waxing out.  As you can see, I am placing  sheets of newsprint over portions of the image at a time,  allowing the wax to absorb into the newsprint.  This takes […]

The Seminole Kimono

Friday, I picked up my new painting from the tailor, with the “Sleeves” and center panel sewn into place and ready for hanging.  It came out great, and looks better in some ways than I imagined.  The problem now is trying to hang it to photograph.  The sleeves and folds makes it an awkward shape, […]