A Tale Of Two Paintings

I started with a backgrounds of butcher paper that I threw indigo dye on while hanging on the clothesline in my backyard. 

 Next, I had brought home newspapers from our hotel in Tokyo which I had dyed in shades of indigo, grey and brown then cut up and sorted by photograph or lettering. 

 Denim was shredded and glued down to evoke antique Japanese peasant clothing known as “boro”. Wax crayons and paint markers gave splashes of color while Japanese Sasheko style stitching was used to tie many of the collage elements together before the panels were then backed with felt made from recycled plastic bottles.  

 The main tapestry “Shibuya” has been featured in several national and regional exhibitions. It is currently on display along with 40 other selected pieces of artwork at The Vendue Art Hotel, 26 Vendue Range, Charleston, S.C. as a part of an exhibition titled “Inspirational Journey”, a tribute to author Pat Conroy. The South Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Women Artists, or NAWA in conjunction with the Florida and Massachusetts chapters is hosting the event. Emily, the gallery curator and judge for this exhibition loved how I used the materials I selected to create a tapestry. I had not thought about this body of work before as being a series of tapestries. I liked the concept so much that I will continue to call my “Shibuya collection a series of tapestries”!

Founded in 1889, NAWA is one of the oldest women’s art organizations in the country. The tapestry will be on display through November 29th.  

 Its sister tapestry, “Shibuya Crossing” has been shown most recently in the regional art exhibition called “Intertwined”, held by the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance. This tapestry is now on view in the 131st Annual NAWA members exhibition. Usually held in New York City, the exhibition has been moved to a virtual display due to Covid 19. You can see that show here. Both tapestries are available for purchase. You can see the other tapestries  on display in this series by clicking on this link to my sister website, muffyclarkgill.com


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Seeing Green at the Emerald Pool

On our final day at Rosalie Bay we wanted to take one last tour with our guide, Zahir. We jumped in the car and drove about 15 minutes back into the rainforest and took a right down a rocky unpaved road to a place called The Emerald Pool.

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Limin’ in Dominica Part 3-A Day at Champagne Bay

When we travel in foreign countries, 9 times out of 10 we don’t rent a car to sightsee. We do this because we don’t want to miss any of the subtle sights that we may see along the road, not to mention driving in formerly British ruled countries (and Japanese) you have the steering wheel on the right and you drive on the left—it can become very confusing especially when you meet a roundabout in the road.

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Exploring Dominica, Part 2

As we settled in to our stay at the Rosalie Bay Eco Resort and Spa in Dominica, We began to explore our surroundings. There were several different clusters of rooms in buildings mimicking old island style homes, but they were more prepared for hurricanes than your typical buildings.

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Liming in Dominica

During the month of May I had been scheduled to take a repeat of my Indigo/Katazome workshop in Japan. Sadly the Japanese Prime Minister decided the country was not ready to reopen due to an increase in the Covid count. I had an American Airlines credit that had to be used before October so we decided to get out of town.

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Exploring Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Last month, my husband and I decided to take a three day getaway in our RV and camp at a Florida state park that we had not visited before. We selected Jonathan Dickinson State Park, on the east coast. The park was a leisurely three hour drive from Naples using Florida byways, heading northeast to the city of LaBelle with a lunch stop at LaBelle Brewing Company, a favorite of ours.

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