How Does Our Naples Garden Grow?

My favorite local source of inspiration for this is the Naples Botanical Garden. Their specialty is plants that grow between the 26th latitudes north and south from all over the world. We have been members of the garden ever since it was a twinkle in founder Bob Reed’s eye, over 20 years ago. I go and […]

Doing the Charleston in Charleston

We found for our lunch at a former McDonald’s turned takeout Japanese restaurant in the town of Clinton and ate our meal in one of the city parks before continuing south. By the time we reached Charleston in the late afternoon it was raining and the roads were choked with traffic. Using the app, I had secured […]

Finding Fall Folliage in North Carolina

We broke the drive into two days so we could relax and enjoy driving back roads and minimizing travel on busy I 75. As we drove over the skybridge crossing Tampa Bay we saw a flock of flying sails. There must of been over twenty kite boarders taking advantage of the great breezes blowing that […]

A Tale Of Two Paintings

I started with a backgrounds of butcher paper that I threw indigo dye on while hanging on the clothesline in my backyard.   Next, I had brought home newspapers from our hotel in Tokyo which I had dyed in shades of indigo, grey and brown then cut up and sorted by photograph or lettering.   Denim was […]

Celebration Encounters of the Unusual Kind in South Beach

Once we were settled in we took Mia, our Benji terrier down to Ocean Drive, two blocks away. The street used to be known for people driving down the long avenue and cruising, but now had been turned into a pedestrian friendly promenade. Socially distanced people were walking the street checking out each other as […]

A Key West Reunion– Many Happy Returns

Recently we made a visit to one of our long time favorite places—Key West, Florida. Our first visit was 34 years ago to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Since then we have made numerous return visits and having memorable memories with each one. This time we returned to celebrate numerous events- our 35th Wedding Anniversary, […]